Indistinguishable outlines?

From Fundamental Drills, Anni edition.

Para 43 has:

The children e-r h-e-r e-s-t

In this case, it's pretty clear it should be "were here yesterday", but in the case of "the jewels", could it be "were her estate", or "were in her estate" if one is allowed to drop "in" from the phrase. Or is there a difference I'm missing?

Farther down the same page,

The children have good manners and I l-v them.

Is this "I love them" or "I will have them". Either would fit the sentence.

If the answer is "love" because otherwise "I" would be joined to the "l", then "you" and "we" would have to be joined the same way. I haven't reached "we" yet, so is this the case?

(The other pronouns, it would be "loves", rather than "he will haveS them".)

Oh, the things we think we read when learning. Often enough, my first pass at a sentence almost make sense in one way or another.



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