Okay, all you deep thinkers, I want your opinions on the phonetic nature of shorthand.

I'll start by saying (at the risk of excommunication) that all this talk of phonetic systems is ridiculous. 
Some of the principles are based on specific phonetics, like r-e-t-e-n for return *DJS* - but I don't say the word that way. But I still write it that way.
And I know a guy from Australia whose name is Dale. He says it dial. But I still would write it d-a-l. And likely so would an Australian Gregg writer. No?
And the only way to learn to write fast is to pick an outline -- preferrably the one in the dictionary -- and keep writing it until you learn it.
So, while some of the principles are phonetically based, I believe Gregg has its own spelling -- for each version -- that we should stick to if we want to be competent.

(by sidhetaba for everyone)