21 April 2007

WPM formula

I think there was a formula for calculating your WPM (words per minute). Does anyone have it? (by zekiel1999 for everyone)

16 April 2007

Search for Penwriting Shorthand Reporter in Maryland

Someone has come to me in the search for a penwriting court reporter in the Maryland, preferrably in the Rockville area.  Can anyone make ...

Any pen shorthand reporters in the Rockville, MD area?

I received this request.  I hope someone answers! (by Carlos for everyone) ----------- Hello, my name is Candice Michalk an...

15 April 2007

I'm on lesson 48 of 70 in Simplified Manual

Hello. I started learning about 2 months ago, just as a hobby. I can't imagine using it at work. I'm a computer programmer, and I ...

14 April 2007

Anniversary edition

Well, since I can't find any DJS manual, I now want to learn anniversary as you can find it for free. I'm wondering if anniversary...

11 April 2007

Is this legal?

Well, if it is, can someone scan the whole(or the important parts)book of the gregg diamond jubilee edition? I lost my copy(probably left ...

06 April 2007

Text-to-speech Programs

I finally got around to shopping for a text-to-speech program for dictation practice and audiobook making. Here's my experience, for an...

04 April 2007

New Shorthand Website

http://www.shorthand-untangled.co.uk/ (by johnsapp for everyone)  

Hello Everybody

Hello, I'm new to the group and have decided I'm going to try and learn Gregg shorthand because, after seeing Mark Semler's exce...

01 April 2007

Learning Shorthand

I am 14 years old and have a teacher at my high school that was somehow talking about shorthand one day. I became extremely interested and ...