26 September 2007

Study Buddies Logs

Ages ago I asked about study buddies. I'm thinking bloggish. Things we've noticed or had troubles with that we can't share with ...

21 September 2007

Question about Simplified

Hi Guys! I'm diving back into my shorthand studies. I'm just starting Lesson 3 from the Gregg Simplified 2nd Ed. manual and had a ...

19 September 2007

Indistinguishable outlines?

From Fundamental Drills, Anni edition. Para 43 has: The children e-r h-e-r e-s-t In this case, it's pretty clear it should be &...

18 September 2007

Shorthand novels

Does anyone know of any novels written in Gregg and where they might be purchased?  Thanks. (by ulfila for everyone)

17 September 2007

A gentle reminder about posting rules

This note is to remind users about the two rules of the group and explain what is meant by them. To preserve the Gregg Shorthand Grou...

16 September 2007

Need some help

I'm not sure what happened, but suddenly I'm not getting any e-mails from the group.  It worked fine about Tuesday, then suddenly,...

Videos about shorthand

Searching in "You tube", I have found many videos of shorthand: Waldir and Taquibras have posted some of them... that are very in...