30 November 2007

Transcription Practice

Thought you'd enjoy this page from a 1945 Gregg Writer . Note in the second column the next word is written where the "ing" do...

phil shorth 422 lowres.jpg

Attachment: phil shorth 422 lowres.jpg (by jrganniversary for everyone)

29 November 2007

Is this Pitman Shorthand?

I'm hoping someone can help me with this puzzle. Here's a link to an image of the backside of a letter written to Millard Fil...

900 Members!

Congratulations tigerpaw8181. (by Carlos for everyone)  

27 November 2007

Usefulness of knowing Shorthand

So I was wondering: What uses do you all find for your shorthand?  School notes? grocery lists?  Secret notes?  :-P  I'm not good enou...

21 November 2007


Hi all :) I was wondering if there were any other "bilingual" stenographers here. Last week, I enrolled in a local legal college t...

19 November 2007

Boy would an electronic dictionary be useful

Is anyone working on a searchable dictionary of shorthand forms. I had just tried to OCR (convert to searchable text) the 5000 word pdf on...

16 November 2007

Sténographie Gregg.pdf

Attachment: Sténographie Gregg.pdf

13 November 2007

Crossword Puzzle Clue

I was looking through my crossword puzzle book (an old one) and found this clue Shorthand for Short (by debbiavon1 for everyone)...

12 November 2007

New around here

Hey all! I'll keep this short and sweet: I'm new here. Fresh out of the box, starting to learn shorthand. I'd appreciate any ...

06 November 2007

Okay, One more Question.. W?

W. I am wondering, after having a look at the gregg manual online, that there is no 'W'? Say for words like away, while, who, went, ...

05 November 2007

Spot the celebrity!

Alison (troutgirl1501) has posted an interesting picture in the "Pictures" section of the site. It came right out of one of the e...