30 December 2007

Interesting Gregg fact

I was reading Alice in Wonderland in Shorthand the other day (by the way a must-read either in shorthand or not) and I had the pages upside ...

25 December 2007

Penmanship booklet

Hey, all.  Merry Christmas! The little booklet my McClure "Practical Drills in Shorthand Penmanship" (Gregg, 1909) was just...

20 December 2007

Write your own name!

I'll start Wrote it on my PDA. Michael Lisitsa (by michael_lisitsa for everyone)

18 December 2007

I need lessons for film

Hi I need to learn 1940s Gregg Shorthand for a role. I purchased his book, but sadly, I need to work with someone on it. I live in the Los A...

16 December 2007


Can anyone tell me what this means in shorthand? Attachment: untitled.bmp (by wesdavis8061 for everyone)

14 December 2007

Fables booklet

Hi, all. There's a copy of the little Fables booklet, written in Gregg shorthand, on E-Bay right now . . . it's a "buy i...

11 December 2007

Shorthand While Sitting in Church Pew

I'm just getting started back into practicing shorthand, after 40 or so years of non-use. My main purpose is to take notes on sermons ...

08 December 2007

Free dictation files?

I once found a link to a site that had free dictation sound files in everything from 40wpm to 220wpm. It was a simple site with two frames, ...

04 December 2007


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