Well after many a visit to Angelfishy's gregg page, I decided to discover a bit about this language called esperanto.

It was a constructed international language, which had no particular link to any other languages and very much based on roots, from which many words can be formed. These days as I read, its only spoken by around 1 - 2 million people, mainly in Asia and Europe. By a quick glance, the writing looks like a Romantic Language like spanish or portugese.

I wonder if there are any esperanto speakers on this forum, or who know friends? I would be interested to hear first hand something about the language, how it works, who you talk to, and how you learned it?
I read of a recent holocaust diaries released that was written by a boy Petr Ginz, a native Esperantist as his parents were supporters of the language, whose diaries have been translated from esperanto.

Heres a photograph of a page of his diary

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(by michael_lisitsa for everyone)

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