New to shorthand - chose Gregg - benefits???

Hi, everyone. I decided to do a career change recently. I'm sick of IT and I want to go into teaching. So, I'm now pursuing a Masters in Education. I was reading the book, How To Study and it mentioned some easy shorthand techniques. I did a web search and instantly I saw Gregg. Now, I was like most people. I had heard of shorthand, I thought that it was an old-timey thing and it wasn't used anymore - until I started researching it. I started thinking - how cool would it be to have the power of fast note taking in everyday life. Especially since I'm going back to school and I take notes all the time at work. Now, I see it is really a cool skill. Not only that, I think it would be cool to (somewhat) encrypt my thoughts and feelings so snoops couldn't read it. So, now I'm studying it like crazy. I bought the Gregg Simplified book and am starting from the beginning. Now, I'm not new to learning new skills. A couple years back I learned morse code for my ham radio license (and for fun). I got very good at morse, but it's kinda sad because it's not a very practical skill. I can see shorthand being very useful. Anyway, I was going to ask you to share your thoughts and experiences. Tell us about times when it came in handy. What are the benefits you've received? Is this something that's really helped you over the years?

(by scribey-doo for everyone)