A wonderful speedbuilding tool.

In case anyone who is speedbuilding is interested, I think the best resource I have ever used, and still use quite a bit, is GREGG REPORTING SHORTCUTS by Zoubek and Rifkin.  Although many of the outlines are specific to testimony, there are so many others that are wonderful time-savers.  I increased my speed from 110 to 140 when I first obtained the book many years ago.  This is an invaluable speedbuilding tool and I urge anyone interested in boosting their speed to try to obtain this book.  Although this is based primarily in Anniversary and Simplified, I believe that when you pass the 150 point, you're really beyond any specific version.  I started as a DJ writer, drifted into Simplied, and combined both.  Aside from all this, the outlines in this book are visually stunning!!
I am very interested in your thoughts about your specific experience in building to high speeds, i.e. what do you find most useful, etc.

(by mountainmaningerogia for everyone)