Brain tricks

I read with interest the various tips about speed building and think they're very worthwhile, especially the use of Gregg Reporting Shortcuts, a favorite of mine.

I also agree that Gregg is written with the brain more than the hand, and in that line of thinking, I have a practice that seems to help increase my speed and accuracy a lot -- listening to the spoken word, whether on TV, the radio, or the occasional speech and visualizing how the words and phrases would look in Gregg.

I don't mean thinking of the labored way to write something; rather I try to visualize instantly how the outline looks, as if I were reading along with what is being said. Familiar words pop into mind instantly, but difficult passages also appear in the mind's eye, if not always in the best form. In those cases, it's handy to jot them down for a later review.

It's great practice and something that's easy and fun to do while waiting in traffic or taking in an otherwise boring speech.

I know people sometimes sing with the radio while driving. i was just wondering if anyone visualizes shorthand at such times as well?

(by wordwrangler2 for everyone)