::{Good Morning}::

Merry Greetings, ALL ~  ~
I've been interested in learning shorthand for years now, and finally, I feel I am going to buckle down and make it happen!
I'm glad to have found this group, as I'm sure it'll bring much help in learning it, & encouragement for the times I may feel lazy about practicing.
As long as I've known the existance of shorthand, I've been so amazed (& saddened) at how it's no longer a class from schools.. much like Latin. That need be or Should be brought back. However, as such it is a quieted skill among the few (& to say of them: you are awesome!)...  I can't help but feel excitedly involved in an underground movement of communicating in code. lol. 
I hope to make it a life long commitment in learning and mastering this SKILL. (& perhaps learning more than one style of it.)
And so knowing my hopes & plans of making this an inseperable part of my being, I can TAKE MY TIME....All the time needed for me to carry out this hefty endeavor.
What stayle shall I venture to tackle?    Gregg Shorthand
Not because this site is titled with it but rather due to my reviewing and pondering the various styles, I feel Gregg is the one for me. (What WILL my husband say of this?! lol) : P 
So I send my warm greetings to all here, & may this be the begining of a S'wonderful Relationship inside the slightly underground movement of communicating in code

(by 짚silver짠lining짚 for everyone)