South-Western Publishing DJS book

I just got a copy of "Shorthand Transcription Studies, Fourth Edition (Jubilee)", published by South-Western in 1968.  The authors are Balsey and Wanous.
This series, using Gregg shorthand, is a real anomaly.  I didn't know it continued through to DJS.
The shorthand plates were written by Grace Bowman, and oh my . . . what a contrast to the elegant plates that Gregg/McGraw-Hill produced.  They are very badly proportioned, and almost scrawling outlines.  To the point that when I first opened the book I wasn't sure it was really Gregg--I thought it might have been their own "Century 21" version that pirated the Gregg theory to a large extent.
Very interesting book, though.  Does anyone really know the history of South-Western's Gregg publishing, and/or the history of Century 21?

(by alex for everyone)