Straight word count

Hi everybody. In my legal college, they do straight word count instead of 1.4 syllables a word. I was wondering if that meant that, for example, 100wpm straight count is actually 140wpm standard count? I noticed that the huge, huge flaw of this way of counting is that the denser and more difficult the material, the faster it is! If the words are all one syllable, 100 straight is the same as 100 standard ("do you know if you have to this date been...") but then, the wpm shoots up as soon as longer words are thrown in, which is often the case in legal stuff ("...convicted on charges of instrumenting possession of a firearm in the commission of a criminal offense"). Does that mean the speed would average out around 120wpm standard count?
I've just always used 1.4 syllables as my standard, so I don't know how my Gregg speed is actually stacking up when dealing with straight count. I recently passed all my 80 wpm tests in Gregg, but don't know if it's actually 80 wpm or a little higher (100-120?).
Any ideas?
Thanks :)

(by niftyboy1 for everyone)