Pre-Anniversary for Mental Stimulation

Having some time on my hands today I pulled out the 1916 Manual and the 1917 Speed Studies and completed lessons 4 and 5. I did deviate from some of the outlines prefering the Anniversary form for "year", "had", and "him" among others. I was impressed by the variety of vocabulary ... the theory presentation is replete with many examples considering the number of pages in the slim volumes. I plan to complete the Manual and Speed Studies by doing one lesson a day ... after which I'll use Gregg Speed Practice, Reporting Shortcuts, and Most Frequent Words and Phrases to increase my familiarity with Pre-Anniversary. It really is a very cool approach to Gregg. Oddly, I found myself automatically creating more phrases when doing the writing exercises than Dr. Gregg called for that early in the line-up of the presentation.

If anyone is puzzled by the difference between "Him", "her", "had" etc. between 1916 and 1929, it's simply that the dot for "H" is omitted in Anniversary. "Year" is "looped E-R" in 1916, simply "E-R" in 1929. Of course phrases like "give him" can be simply written "G-E-M".

Odd isn't it that nearly half a century after learning Simplified, I am concentrating on Pre-Anniversary and Expert reporting. Practical? No. But fun: an emphatic yes!

(by jrganniversary for everyone)