Speedwriting vs AlphaHand

OK, folks, I've followed the discussion on the main board about teaching shorthand "in your spare time for fun and profit."  I taught Simplified in 1982 during my lunch hour to a class of 40 which shrunk to 3 by the time we ended theory.
The problems:
     It takes too darned long to learn symbol systems.
     Only a few did the homework.
We all know that shorthand is a skill and that skills must be practiced
I've been requested repeatedly to teach a shorthand class where I work.  I can "fix" the first problem by using another system.  (Yes, Virginia, they're not as good as Gregg but I can get through theory must faster.)  I don't think the second problem is within my control.
I'm sitting here with the Regency II Speedwriting book and the AlphaHand book and can't decide which I should use.  I'd have to photocopy either since they're both out of print.  In that regard, AlphaHand wins because it's shorter--and has less to copy.
But, seriously, any feedback from anyone on either system?
Oh, and I'd have to learn the system first.

(by shorthandmarc for everyone)