Wooohooo! 50wpm!!

I just finished dictation for chapter 5 of 12. Three separate passages, copied from the book, then dictated at 40, 50, 60 and 70. 50 felt almost slow. 60 felt rushed. 70 was uncomfortable.

I know, I know, nowhere close to the group average, but a personal achievement nonetheless, especially as I'm really bad at actually sitting down and doing it. I can read and copy at any time, but don't enjoy dictation.

According to my original plan of starting at 20 and adding 5 per chapter, to reach 80 after 12 chapters, I'm 10-20 wpm ahead of schedule. (We won't mention the calendar.)


Reading ahead, did anyone else see "leave out minor vowels" and say, "Huh? I thought leaving vowels in was one of the foundations of the system?" Then reach the bit about leaving out T after C and start getting worried, then scan ahead and see "leave out anything you like, up to and including entire words" and get even more worried? Repeat mantra: Trust Dr. Gregg, Trust Dr. Gregg.


(by cricketbeautiful-1 for everyone)