Anni Student Woes

I finished chapter 7 (of 12) of the Anni manual last night, and have now started my reading for that chapter. (FDrills and GReadings)

I like that Gregg teaches the most-used theory first. We get more interesting material and we get good at it, but the less-used theory ends up getting short-changed. With the amount I'm likely to use it, the rarer bits of theory won't get any use at all.

I still don't have the hang of writing squished loops. I don't think to use them, can't decide which to use, and my fingers don't co-operate. I know, practice! They're so incredibly rare that it's frustrating!

"To indicate R after S, write the S in the opposite direction to what you normally would" is frustrating when between syllables. The initial choice of S depends on how you pronounce the word, and what's easier to write. Now they want me to remember what is "correct" so I can reverse it? Not easy.

Leaving out R's just because you can is also frustrating. Yes, I've rarely wondered about a final transcription, but the number of possibilities for every word doubled when I reached that rule. I rarely think to leave them out.

I think my sporadic practicing is actually of benefit, in one small way. Because I'm "colder", when reading I see more outlines that could be read more than one way. Yes, they may have taught it only two lessons ago, but because I've half-forgotten it, I'm aware of the potential problem. If I use it for long-term notes, I can guarantee I'll be "cold" when I read them, so conflicts are bad.

How does Simplified rate for these things? I broke down and bought the Simplified books, but I've flipped between systems so many times I hate to flip again before at least finishing Anni.


(by cricketbeautiful-1 for everyone)