How are you going with your shorthand?

I don't know why theres no real thread like this yet. If people don't mind, this will be the place that you can post any little or big progress report with your shorthand.

Since I started... I've been hitting at the 80wpm peak for quite a while. Its a bit slower progress, most of my progress now comes from better familiarity with outlines. I do a lot of reading in shorthand which is enjoyable and a good conversation starter on the bus. I read Graded Readings, Alice in Wonderland, Letter from a Self-Made Merchant to his son, basically everything thats available for anniversary. To get faster, I also take dictations. There's enough free dictations around but theres not an abundance. and will give you 6-8 dictations for each speed level.

I do see the progress, my writing is starting to feel more confident in its outline, my fingers and mind starting to act more subconsciously than even a month ago.

(by michael_lisitsa for everyone)