Reading Reinforces Theory

Thanks to Chuck's assistance and recommendations, I'm really getting into Pre-Anniversary Gregg. Articles like this from Lesson 16 of the 1917 Speed Studies are fun to read. Pre-Anniversary was much more free-wheeling and phrase-laden than subsequent versions. However phrases like "It seems to me" should not give any problem to an experienced writer of any version. The outline that threw me for a loop and forced me tto reread the text several times is in the 3rd row from the end, the 6th outline: TH-reverse E-N. But after reading tthe sentence several times I realized it had to be "thoroughness". I then looked it up in the 1916 dictionary and, eureka, I was correct. Looking up "thoroughness" in the 1929 dictionary, it's TH-reverse E-N-E-S, so you can see how the the system slowly evolved towards simplification. This group provides a terrific forum for all your Gregg questions.
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