Need help deciphering

Hello. I'm trying to learn shorthand on my own with a Anniversary edition book. I think I'm learning it but I am starting to have some difficulty with the reading and dictation practice section. I have no way of knowing whether I am deciphering it correctly. Right now I'm on exercise 13, Chapter 1, Unit 1. Can someone let me know if I'm deciphering it correctly. Here's a link to a pdf of the book itself.
So far I have:
"A day here in the good air will add   ?   ?   here   ?  well, can he hear me? The hat lay there an hour. Ere   ?   air won't go well here. Aim well;   ?   may go in an hour..."
The first word I'm having trouble with looks like it is a combination of e and r. The second word I have no clue, but the third looks like an e and m combination. The fourth a g and an a. The fifth uses a hyphen but I don't think hyphen means what I thought it did. Isn't a hyphen a - ? Perhaps it is something different in shorthand...
If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. I really want to learn shorthand. Does anyone know of any place online (perhaps) where I can find solutions to these exercises? Thanks.

(by b_cubed7 for everyone)