Shorthand in Spanish

Hi, y'all.  I have started learning Spanish Series 90 since I happen to own the books.  I have to laugh because some of the words you learn in the first few chapters aren't words I come across much in my day-to-day life as a bilingual secretary - "myrrh" is not a word I have ever used at work, but it appears in one of the early lessons in Book 1.   (Maybe if I worked at the Vatican...)
I'm enjoying learning Gregg in Spanish and am continuing brushing up my English DJS during my lunch hours, too.  I do manage to actually eat some lunch, too, to avoid grumpiness and hunger pangs!
Does anyone know who wrote the plates in the Spanish S90 books?  Just wondering, was it an English speaker or a Spanish speaker?

(by troutgirl1501 for everyone)

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