to blend or not to blend?

I'm finding it difficult to find the rationale for when or when not to use a blend, especially in (Pre-) Anniversary. For example, the word 'den' is not a blend but 'dense' is. On the other hand, 'dense' is written with the blend, but 'dance' is written in full. Also, consider "remain" and "manger". (In both cases there is the accented syllable "mane", but they are written differently). I'm so confused! And so on..By the way, it looks like there was a change in how to write words like mania and maniac from pre- to anniversary, not sure why. Some of you might say that "dance" is written out so as not to be confused with "dense," and "damp" written out so as not to be confused with "dump"....Oh wait. I forgot, dump is written without the blend, too. I'm so confused!! I know many of you are highly successful with Gregg, but I get so discouraged when I can't figure out why words are written the way they are and there is nothing in the manual that explains it.

(by thousandwaves for everyone)

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