Writing on lined paper.

I have learned shorthand from books and not taken any classes. As a result, I find it confusing about how shorthand should fit into lined paper. None of the textbook are lined maybe as an attempt to accentuate that there is no position writing in Gregg.
If you were taught in a classroom, did you always write on lined paper with attention to where on the line your strokes end and finish or not. I can imagine it would be helpful in the judging of line length and development of good line length.
Also today most notebooks are 8mm ruled. How should Gregg Outlines be positioned in regards to 8mm ruling. I have compared the text in the "Gregg Writer" magazine and a Leslie textbook, and have gotten the impression that the "t" goes 1/3 of the line and the "d" 2/3. "p" and "b" is similar.
I know theres an article on the Gregg.Angelfishy site about line lengths but that is not informative. It only blabbers on about how you should write however big you want to, but nothing about using lined paper and positioning of outlines on it.

(by michael_lisitsa for everyone)

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