Advice for study speeds

What speed should I reach before going to the next chapter? I can do 50wpm on my second try, sometimes 60. My goal by the end of the text is 85wpm. I'm less interested in brief forms and phrases; I'm worried I won't be able to read them years from now.

I'm torn between doing tons of work other than dictation, or just pushing the dictation, or just moving on so I can finish the book and write real things. Dictation is always the hardest thing. I rarely have the equipment handy when I have the time, but I might prepare a full set of files at once to take with me.

Has anyone else found from dictation is easier than from longhand? I found 10wpm, maybe because of less eye travel. Has anyone measured from shorthand to shorthand?

Lastly, how come the kids always know when I start dictation or even timed copying, but I can do hours of copying without interruption?


(by cricketbeautiful-1 for everyone)