Bullet items for a to-do list (marking them complete)

I'm learning Gregg to use it in my personal organizer using the David Allen's 'Getting Things Done" method to self-organization and relaxed high-input, high-output productivity. Basically when I write my personal notes in my organizer, it should take a minimal amount of time!

In longhand, I use a - (dash) in front of each bullet item. When the action is complete, I put a vertical stroke to form a +. I line up these vertical strokes, so it's easy to tell what's complete or if the whole list is complete, because they connect vertically across the page.

Would it be possible to use this - and + system in shorthand too, or is there any risk of confusing the - for the letter N or the word "in" for example?

Does Gregg have a built-in punctuation system for bullet items the way it has special punctuation for periods, commas, question marks?

Maybe I should use the "new paragraph" punctuation symbol instead of a dash?

Also, is there no special Gregg symbol for exclamation mark?


(by sonjachick for everyone)