In the future... a new Gregg!

I was reading the uptake of shorthand thread about how we need to modernize the system and I came across an idea-- a vision dare I say!

The pda and tablet market are prime for a unique text entry system. When I'm rich and influential in 10 years (as we all are going to be) I want to hire a software engineer and a linguist and we'll collaborate to faithfully modify Gregg to be more suitable for computer recognition. We will write a book and sell the software for pda and computer. The system will retain its fluidity and hopefully will be just as suitable for normal writing as it is for writing on a touch screen.

This is a grand vision, but its an idea that I cannot imagine will ever escape me.

I'd like to know from people here their thoughts of Gregg for computer recognition. Specifically, how one achieves to influence a society. To take an idea to reality, and to spread that reality as courageously as John R Gregg spread Gregg in the beginning. It would take some serious determination to push something like this onto the world, but I believe that its a worthwhile endeavor!


(by michael_lisitsa for everyone)