Looking for advice and encouragement

Some years ago my job required that I take a good many notes and I decided to try my hand at Notehand. I worked my way through a good part of the book, but the job ended before I acquired any real facility with Notehand.

Now I'm back in a job that requires notes, and taking a graduate program in Historic Preservation. So I pulled out my book and notebook from
1986. I had gotten to paragraph 123 (out of 171). And, wonder of wonders, I can still read much of my notes although I have to check some of the outlines.

My problem, though, is that I never acquired much facility at writing the outlines. I could read them okay, but writing was much less certain. I'm following the instructions to read the material referring to the text key, then read and copy, and finally I would try to write the outlines from the text key alone. If I had just finished copying from the outlines, I did okay, but if I waited a while they would all go out of my head. As for making real notes, well twenty years ago I could sort of doing it, but as I say, not with any confidence or facility.

I'd sure like to hear someone say, "Keep it up, it will come to you before you graduate!" And any suggestions are appreciated.

(by john19970 for everyone)