There's just this one last outline...

Hi, folks.  Two days ago, I finished going over every single word in my Simplified manual.
It was a truly emotional moment for me, to finally get there after a year and seven months.
Rarely has a hobby kept my interest for so long; but well, I suppose it's because Gregg shorthand is more than a mere hobby to me now.
But, there's this one outline that I simply cannot read!  Usually I would go back to something I didn't get the first time, and it would eventually come to me, but this one has got me stumped.
It's in lesson 65 of the Simplified second edition, passage #530.  It looks like "mm-r".
Here's the sentence: When you use our lists, you have the assurance that your message is being delivered to those merchants throughout the country who are for your goods--and to nobody else.
Words I considedered were: manner, manor, manure, mummer.  They don't seem to make sense, though maybe my knowledge of English usage is insufficient?  Or maybe it's a phrase?  Or have I got the sentence wrong? 
I suspect that it's something quite basic; any help would be truly appreciated!

(by martha707 for everyone)