excess Gregg books available

I hope this isn't inappropriate---

I'm paring down duplicates out of my collection of shorthand books. These are all reading/using copies with fairly tight bindings, and generally some previous student markings inside.

I have in Anniversary:
Functional method vol 1 and 2
Regular Anniv manual
Speed studies.

Simplified: Simplified for Colleges, Vol 1, 1st ed.
Simplified Manual, 1st ed
Gregg Dictation Simplified, 1st ed.
Phrases of Gregg Shorthand Simplified

Please contact off-list to member harpweaver with questions regarding details.

I'm not looking to get rich. I'm thinking $5 per volume plus postage, or make offer. I have duplicates because of having bought some books on ebay in lots. Thanks.

(by harpweaver for everyone)