Is anniversary good enough?

Thats the question? Several of us have learned (or are learning) Anniversary yet we see from our results and even the results in the Gregg Writer, real verbatim proficiency was very rare.

I once read somewhere that there is no way to acquire verbatim shorthand without consistent and dedicated effort. It is quite obvious no matter how much we try to justify any other speed, that only proper verbatim -- that is 160 or more, is the true test of someones shorthand. Until you can keep up with the speaker at that speed, until you can listen to any radio show or tv show and be able to write it out in shorthand word for word, then it is only a second best.

Do you agree? Should a shorthand system be designed with the verbatim being a realistic consequence of diligent study? A linking question: How much of shorthand's demise is due to the lack of true verbatim speed.

(by michael_lisitsa for everyone)