Handling compound words

I always find difficulty with compound words. They're always quite long and don't really fit well into the abbrev. prin. Most of the time it seems they are written out in the dictionary. They aren't usually handled by the intersection principle, and quite often the joining is not facile, so they have to be disconnected. eg leeway.

Then theres just all the others that are just so long compared to the average outline eg. nearsighted, horseradish, hydrocarbon, eigenvalues, kilometric. Well you can see most of the examples that come to mind with these really long terms is in science terminology, where compound words are a plenty.

I was thinking that intersection might be a good technique to handle them even if they're written out fully in the dictionary.

How do you handle compound words that are almost always written out in the dictionary. These words are usually not used in a mix of small words, rather in combination with other big words and other compound words.

(by michael_lisitsa for everyone)