shorthand class update

Good morning everyone.  Last night was the first night of class - for those that don't remember the Community College here in Springfield, MO is having a class in Gregg Shorthand, DJS.  Here's how it went...there are six students, all of us in our 40s & 50s, ranging from a teacher, journalist, human resource manager, marketing manager, an accountant (me), and someone that just wants to learn it. There are two students that have never touched shorthand, the rest of us are re-learning it.  The teacher is I would say late 40s.  We covered one chapter last night and will cover two chapters each meeting, hoping to get 24 chapters under our belt in the nine weeks remaining.  She copied the 24 chapters from her book and her lawyer said it was okay because the last printing was past 20 years ago, the book will be used in an educational setting, and she didn't copy the entire book.
So that's the class.  I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.  Got to get to work,
take care,

(by joannek8 for everyone)