A whole web page in Shorthand

I invite you to take a look at the new page of my website: a whole page in Shorthand.  Its name: "Shorthand Newspaper".  Every month a new page will be launched.  The aim: to help the online students to develop their shorthand reading.  I hope you like the idea.  And I also hope that many other shorthand website owners will do the same, so that we can have in a very short time many shorthand pages like that - using different systems.  The system used in the "Shorthand Newspaper" is the Maron System, a brazilian one.  So, I hope you will like it: http://www.taquigrafiaemfoco.com.br/index_jornal_taquigrafico.html
Prof. Waldir Cury

(by taquĆ­grafo for everyone)