Today my shorthand was useful!!

Hey a little incident to tell everyone about.

I am part of a Jewish group which runs activities on Israel and the like. So I'm coming into Borders to read some books on the Intifada. I realise, I'm not gonna pay for the books. I don't have my voice recorder and even if I did, I would look a bit strange talking into it at a bookshop. And I didn't have my camera.

So out come my notebook. 1 hr later, I have countless pages (turned out to be 1200 words) of quotes and summarization. Now I did the stats hoping for a speed of 80wpm or something. Unfortunately its more like 20 words per minute. But considering that I had to sit down, and look through the indexes, summarize in some sections and re-read its not half bad. I was not in an ideal position either writing on my lap or on a low coffee table, but my notes were nearly fully transcribe-able and today I was able to transcribe them and use them in my activity.

Hooray for shorthand as still being a thing of usefulness!!

PS - Don't get me wrong though. I use my shorthand every day. My diary has been shorthanded for the last 9 months. My uni notebooks, for the last 5 months (and they look disastrous) but they were disastrous beforehand. I figured, since I don't read them anyway, I might as well write them quicker.

(by michael_lisitsa for everyone)