A whole web page in Shorthand II

The second number of the "Shorthand Newspaper" (Maron System, from Brazil), has just been launched!  Its aim: help the online shorthand students to develop their reading and, at the same time, to be an interesting way of doing it.  For the time being, the online shorthand course has the average of 5 new students per day!  That is not bad!  And according to the e-mails I receive, the new students are liking very much the methodology I am using and, so they say, they are loving shorthand.   I am really very glad about that.
So, be my guest and take a look at the "Shorthand Newspaper". Enjoy yourself!
The caricature inside the page was drawn by an online student.
The address is: http://www.taquigrafiaemfoco.com.br/index_jornal_taquigrafico_02.html
Friendly regards to all!
Prof. Waldir Cury (from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

(by taquĆ­grafo for everyone)