Hey did anyone notice the German Gregg on angelfishy?

Ever since visiting Switzerland last year, I have harboured some interest in the German language. I mean who wouldn't? This country, Switzerland, its like a fairy tale. Public Transport runs on time, people are polite, and if you really want to unwind, you have the Swiss Alps. Then you have the other German speaking countries, Germany and Austria and the 1/3 of Europes population that can converse in the language.

Anyway, so the point is, I was surfing angelfishy's website and here it is, sitting right under my nose the whole time. A german version of Gregg Shorthand. A final nail in the boat that might make me leap into this language which I have had an interest for so long.

You know supposedly 1 in 10 books are written in German and it has the second biggest internet presence behind English, and even beating out Chinese. I would like to know of any people here on the forum have experience with German, maybe even the German Gregg as listed on angelfishy:


(by Michael for everyone)