Methods of Attacking the shorthand speed barrier

    Does anyone ever feel like they are fighting the wrong front in the attainment of shorthand speed. As those who've been around for a while know, I've been fighting this 120wpm mark for many months. After finishing the manual, my practice has boiled down to dictation. I sometimes make relatively weak efforts to do penmanship or phrase drills, but have always found these drills boring with little guidance to keep your attention up and therefore my weak effort. After finishing the manual, self-guided speed building requires some creative effort to keep your motivation up.

I have started focussing on reading once again, hoping that more progress will be acheived on this front. More specifically, reading my own writing because reading from the texts, is like reading text, where the letters are meant to be perfect and exactly the same. Your own notes have their own quirks and tendencies.

I would like to get people's experiences on learning shorthand in different ways especially once your study of the manual has finished. Can you recommend any methods to motivate yourself to read more, to do penmanship drills, and to ultimately speed up.

BTW, this post signifies that I've sorta kinda accepted our new home. It is not perfect but like MSN it might grow on us, and who knows, the administrators of multiply might one day even fix up our niggling issues.


(by Michael for everyone)


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