Multiply Sucks!

Try as I might to accustom myself, I have to say this Multiply company sucks. Right now I'm staring at the screen, its cluttered, and all the dialogue boxes are in the wrong place. As for the interface, everybodies replies are counted as comments. This is just not gonna work.

Who agrees with me that we should swallow our pride and go to Yahoo Groups. Yahoo works. It is tried and tested and has a decent interface. Unlike Google though, it is not too simple, and can accomodate stuff like Penpals (through Database), and file sharing, etc etc.

Its obvious that Multiply will need constant effort to keep it organized, and while its nice to be able to bring all the old discussions back from the other website, it's not worth killing new discussions in the future.

Anyway, so I don't know if I should go ahead and create one until I get some more consensus. Do you agree that Multiply sucks?

(by Michael for everyone)