29 April 2008


DOEZIS, PAGE 217 (by valo1969 for everyone)


This message has been deleted by the author. (by valo1969 for everyone)

28 April 2008

Pitman vs Gregg, the battle for world dominance as seen from the trenches

I asked a friend (I think she's about 50) who once learned Pitman: Why did you choose Pitman over one of the newer systems? Were you eve...

25 April 2008

Scans and Pics

This is a scan of a bit of shorthand from my grandmother's journal. General Pictures

24 April 2008

Typing book

Some here recommended Cortez Peters's book. Abebooks has some of his book with software. Has anyone tried it? Was it worth getting? Is t...

An article I found

www.garfield.library.upenn.edu/essays/v8p001y1985.pdf The topic: Is shorthand the route to success in science or anything else? The irony th...

22 April 2008

How are you going with your shorthand?

I don't know why theres no real thread like this yet. If people don't mind, this will be the place that you can post any little or b...