Inconsistencies in Outlines!

I hope someone can explain to me why there are so many inconsistencies in the way like words are written. (I hope I am explaining my situation so it can be understood). For instance, take the work "picture," P-K-T-R. Now take the word "pick," which has the same beginning syllable as "picture," but it is written "P-E-K," which could also be "peek/peak/pique, or peck." I know that context helps a lot, but I guess I am too stuck on conflict-free writing whenever possible. Also check out the words "pickle, picket, pickax, pictorial, etc." I hope someone can explain this to me. I am most grateful for any help and any comments received.


I am also wondering why the word "bell" is written "B-E-L," where th word "spell" is written "S-P-L," which makes more sense to me since all one hears is the S-P-L." How about "spiel, spill"? Why the difference? I know B-L is the brief form for "bill," but . . .


(by James O. for everyone)

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