A small one, but still a good one. I pushed a passage to 80 wpm! Rushed, but doable.

Last month, I recorded several passages from the text, so I can take dictation "cold". I start with "cold" at 50, then review the text for accuracy and write out the problem outline ten times, then 60, 70, 80, 90, 70 (and end the session by copying). This time, I forgot to include the name of the passage in the math. It seemed a bit fast for 50, but I got most of it down. Turns out it was 60, so I ramped up to 100, and back to 80. Yay for bad math!

I might start alternating passages: Record the even ones first, so I have "cold" dictations for them, and read the odd ones first.

Remember when the entire assignment was 100 words, and it took twenty minutes to write out five times?

Go me!

(by Cricket for everyone)