Writers of other shorthand systems?

I'm curious about all shorthand systems and have looked through lots. I'm wondering who here actively uses more than Gregg, and what they like about the other systems.

I've tried to learn Pitman but found the forms start getting tortuously shaped and have a hard time alternating between light and heavy in quick succession.

I took a look at the Cross Eclectic book on Google Books and my brain started to melt at about page 30 with the consonant shading, curve deepening, and the pages and pages of consonant clusters to write with no real words.

Among alphabetic systems, I seem to remember liking Forkner the most, though I think Alphahand also seemed fairly decent as far as alphabetic systems go.

I also use a heavily customized and abbreviated machine shorthand theory professionally.

Anybody else? I'm fascinated by shorthand in general, so please do share! :D

(by Erik for everyone)