Decision process

So, I've decided I'll go for Gregg Anniversary. Here, FWIW, is how I chose:

I'm in sales, and I take a lot of notes at client meetings. The general field is very technical, and I like precision. Speed is not of paramount importance, but I'm a perfectionist and I like a challenge. So:

Pitman was an option. Its apparently greater accuracy than Gregg was a major plus point. But the use of different line thicknesses disqualified it for me. I reckon that was a skill developed when handwriting was taught well (my longhand is *awful*) and when fountain pens were common.

Teeline was an option, but it doesn't fulfill the perfectionist requirement.

Handywrite was an option, but it seems to sacrifice too much speed for not enough accuracy. Also, it has little or no backup material for learning.

Anything Gregg after Simplified sounds like the speed takes too much of a hit. (I doubt that's true for my needs, but ... perfectionist).

So that leaves Simplified, Anni or Pre-Anni.

Simplified has (by all accounts) a much more restricted set of study materials.

Pre-Anni sounds like it was produced as Gregg's ideas matured. Anni is therefore just a stamp to say "We've arrived".

Ergo Anni.


(by thomsk for everyone)

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