Learning Anni

Now that I've decided to go for Anniversary, exactly what is the best way to learn? I like the idea of the "Functional" method, in that it allows for a lot of reading up front. So, what's the best book(s) to buy? (One thing I really dislike about the simplified manual is that most of the reading exercises don't have the actual text somewhere so I can check what I'm doing. Seems like a huge problem in terms of teaching style -- I can't understand why they did it that way.)

How can I tell if a book is Anniversary or not (many on ebay don't mention a version).

And then for learning to write, what;s the best approach and book? Is it a case of lots of repetition of the same word/letter, the same way we all learned to write when we were five? Or is it better to try writing out whole sentences? Or what?


(by thomsk for everyone)

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