Learning strategy?

JUSTO said (in another thread):
> I have been learning Gregg Diamond ( Spanish ) for one year and it is not difficult but
> it is very laborious learn shorthand. I recomend you learn Gregg 90 Why? becouse
> it is easy of all of  them, if it full you needs it is ok, if not you can learn another system
> but you have a knowledge of it that make easy learn another system.

What do the more experienced writers think of that approach; i.e. learn the simplest version first and then "upgrade" to a faster, more complex version if needed?

Someone already commented that it's completely feasible to move to Anniversary or Pre-Anniversary from Simplified. Is it reasonable to take that to its logical conclusion, and start with, Series 90 as JUSTO suggested; then if needed move to Centennial or DJS; then, again if needed, to Simplified; and then finally to the real Man's Versions - Anni or Pre-Anni.


(by thomsk for everyone)

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