Trying Out Pens

So I've read so much that I should be using a fountain pen that I decided to go look at what I could get.  So I went to the local Patrick's Office Supply and asked for their advice on an inexpensive fountain pen to try. 

They showed me the Pilot Varsity and the Bazic Mileno.  (This isn't really about the pen I bought, but I opted for the Bazic because it was less than a dollar more ($4) for a refillable pen versus the disposable Pilot.) 

The women I talked to was very excited that a young guy like me (I don't think of myself as young but she did) wanted to try using a fountain pen and opened the packages and preped the refillable pen to show me how. 

She also wanted me to try out the pens on paper she offered.  It didn't really matter to my decision since I have no idea what I'm trying for, but it raised the question,  "What should I write?"  I was lame and wrote my name and the word "fountain."

On thinking it seemed like a fun question so ...

What do people write when they are trying out pens?

(by Matthew for everyone)