Writing pointers

Hi All,

So I am beginning to write Simplified shorthand.

Right now I am making copies of pages in the manual and just tracing the shapes that Mr. Rader wrote.  Just a way to try to get my hand to move this way.

I also have a steno book and have been doing some of the penmanship exercises from a series that was in the Gregg Writer.  I think I downloaded the PDF from one of the messages on this group.

It raises the question.  What do I do with the lines on the sheet?  I don't have a teacher to demonstrate so I am at a loss.  None of the manuals I've seen include the lines.  Do I always start on the line?  Are the outlines always centered on the line?  Is is just a general reference so lines of outlines don't droop?  Should I write single spaced or double spaced?  Some of the outlines will take up a lot of the lower line, do I just leave some space?

There are a ton of questions, sorry.  As always any help is great and don't assume I know anything - I don't :-).

(by Matthew for everyone)

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