Theory Question

I disagree with the text for the word "association".

Well, disagree might be too strong, but I keep writing it

A (clockwise)  -  s (clockwise) - o - s (counter-cw) - a (counter-cw) - sh(tion) . The second A sticks out to the right.

The text (Gregg simplified functional 2nd edition) has the second s and a go clockwise, so the A goes to the left.

My way makes a better "point" for the u-s join. Their way is a finickier join for u-s and the A crashes into the u. (Not in the book, of course, but that's what I get.)

It's Assignment 11-95, on page 53. Lydia is being asked about Miami Beach.


Is this a case where the rules allow either way, or is it important?



(by Cricket for everyone)