Speed Drills in Gregg Shorthand

This 1938 text, authored by Leslie and Zoubek, answers all needs for varied and entertaining reading material. Business letters are interspaced by comical stories and factual articles. It's a big volume, 440 pages mostly all written in shorthand. The lessons are preceded by penmanship drills (similar to those appearing in The Gregg Writer at that time) as well as "preview" outlines which will be encountered in the lesson. There's also a short list of words which are often misspelled or confused by students. The book is designed for someone who has completed studying and working with either The Functional Manual or The Manual and Speed Studies. There is no printed transcription of the shorthand plates, so it's clearly not intended for beginners. For a thorough review of theory including brief form derivatives and phrasing, I could not recommend Speed Drills in Gregg Shorthand more highly. It's a fun text to read for pleasure.

(by Philip for everyone)

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