Gregg Medical Shorthand Manual and Dictionary (1953)

I recently obtained this edition being an obsessive completist and find it a very worthy addition to the Gregg  books. It's the Simplified edition of Effie B. Smithers' 1927 Gregg Medical Shorthand Manual which is a wonderful book and has been in my library for several years along with the 1939 The Medical Stenographer.

Charles Rader wrote the shorthand for the 1953 and 1939 books, Winifred Kenna Richmond for the 1927. The more I see of Rader's shorthand plates, the more i'm impressed by the quality of his shorthand ... so easy to read.

If anyone were seriously interested in becoming a medical stenographer, I would think the 1927 and 1939 books used together would be perfect training material. However, anyone wanting to improve medical vocabulary would find the 1953 text immensely useful.

it's most impressive to see the care and preparation that the Gregg staff utilized in preparation of the medical texts. How sad there are few folk left to appreciate their fine work.

(by Philip for everyone)

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